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5 Reasons You Need a Jansport Rolly Backpack in Your Life

Cross-body bags, totes, and the regular two shoulder pack getting you down? Try spicing up your carrying techniques with the Jansport Rolly Backpack!

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1. Your back needs a break.

Lombardi Physiotherapy / Via

Tired of carrying your computer, two textbooks, your lunch, your gym clothes, and three notebooks to and from campus everyday? Yeah, same here. The rolly backpack eliminates the back aches, neck cramps, and general despair that comes with carrying 80% of your belongings on your physical body every day. Are you a pack mule? No? Then stop acting like it.

2. .… But you still have options.

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If you have a day where your load is light and you think your backpack just completes your outfit, you can stick that handle in and pop it on your back, no problem-o. Versatility is the name of the game, and with the Jansport Rolly Backpack you can roll through life, or carry it yourself. You’re basically a double agent.

3. You have billions of stylish choices.

Jansport / Via

Okay, maybe not billions, but a significant amount! If you live in a cold dreary place and want to be reminded of Florida, you can buy a pack with tropical flowers. If you’re a serious academic who can’t be bothered with style, you can go plain black. There’s plaid, polka dot, plain colors, and more! The options are so endless they’re making me dizzy.

4. You’re fully weaponized.

Maurizio Cigognetti / Getty Images / Via

You know that guy who always “accidentally” grazes your butt when he passes you at the coffee cart? Well that dumb smudge won’t know what’s tripped him until he’s on the ground. Similarly, getting flat-tired will be a thing of the past when you have your trusty rolly backpack to keep your heels safe.

5. You can be a trendsetter.

Tenor / Via

Let’s get real for a second. You don’t see many rolly backpacks on a typical day. People were disillusioned in their youth, and have left rolly backpacks in the past. But style cycles back! Chokers are in again, so why not super slick, wheeled-book-transportation? Remind your peers what it was like to stand up straight and walk without the weight of the world on their shoulders.

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