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What's Your Favorite Book About Being In Your Twenties?

Getting you through that quarter-life crisis.

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Your twenties can be a beautiful, tumultuous time — full of big changes like finishing school, looking for an apartment, getting a job.


It's a time of finding your place in the world, reinventing early relationships and forging new ones.



And even though there isn't a guide to entering adulthood, there's the next best thing: books about people living through it, too.

Maybe you find strength in Therese's journey of self-discovery in The Price of Salt.

Maybe I Was Told There'd Be Cake makes you feel better about your own misadventures.

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Or maybe The Namesake is exactly what you need to read when you're navigating your changing relationship with your family.

We want to know: What are the books you love that are no longer about those teenage years, but aren't quite into the foibles of mid-life?

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Tell us which books you love — and why you love them — in the comments below, and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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