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What Has Helped You Through Eating Disorder Recovery?

When you've lived with an eating disorder, it can feel like it never really leaves you. We want to hear what recovery has meant for you.

If you've lived with an eating disorder, you're far from alone.

That struggle doesn't simply disappear after treatment.

We want to know what's helped you through it. Maybe you've celebrated your new relationship with food through cooking, or photography.

Perhaps you found an app that keeps you focused and calm.

Maybe you've asked a trustworthy buddy to keep tabs on you — or, on the flip side, have found that privacy is exactly what you need.

Maybe you and your doctor found the perfect mix of therapy and medication that made all the difference.

Or, perhaps nothing works quite as well as good old fashioned journaling.

We want to know all about it! Email your story to, and you might get featured in a BuzzFeed post.