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24 Ways Your Day Could Be Ruined By Cuteness

Well I was going to sit here, little cat, but FINE.

1. You could be shadowed by your overly attentive roommate.

2. You could be held captive by your aggressively friendly neighbor.

3. Your personal hairstylist could start getting a little too pushy.

4. Your clothing choices could be viciously attacked.

5. Your morning plans could be thwarted by a slipper thief.

6. And your walking plans could be thwarted by someone else's sense of entitlement.

7. You could be the object of this Romeo's relentless affection.

8. You could be pulled in for a smooch by the messiest kisser.

9. Your one moment of peace and quiet could be almost immediately disrupted.

10. You could wake up to find someone enjoying a relaxing soak in YOUR barrel, in YOUR backyard.

11. Your fishing trip could be crashed by an uninvited guest.

12. Your beloved teddy bear could be replaced by an IMPOSTER.

13. You could be confronted by an unexpected gatekeeper.

14. Your hike could be delayed.

15. Your cherries could be COMPROMISED.

16. Your coffee mug could be occupied.

17. Your laundry could be pulled from the machine before they were totally dry.

18. You could be victimized by an overeager and outgoing passenger.

19. Or someone else could call shotgun even they though know you get carsick in the back.

20. Your book club could open up to new, opinionated members.

21. Your patio could be littered with the remnants of a cuteness explosion.

22. You could go try to take a load off and find the seat already occupied.

23. You could plan a picnic only to have these lazy lumps show up.

24. Or you could be threatened for no reason whatsoever.