23 Ways Long-Distance BFFs Survive

Skype date ASAP, please.

1. You live your life in a succession of countdowns to when you get to see each other next.

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2. You meet up maybe two or three times a year, but whenever you do it feels like no time has passed.

3. You’ve started to get creative with meet-up spots since you’ve been back and forth to each other’s hometowns so many times.

Vegas is sort of halfway between New York and Phoenix, right?

4. You’re constantly jealous of people who get to see their BFFs on the reg.

5. But you know that she’ll pick up any time you call, no matter what, and vice versa.

6. You’ve spent a lot of time discussing how exactly teleportation would change your lives.

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7. And you recognize that Skype is the next best thing, as far as friendship-saving innovations go.

8. Every now and then you promise to start writing real, actual letters, but one of you inevitably drops off after the first few.

9. Of course, the letters you DO have are saved in a box with various mementos from different visits.

10. You’ve spent an inordinate amount of time scrolling through her photos because sometimes you just miss her face.

Some may call this stalking. They would be wrong.

11. You’ll pick up a book, snack, or random trinket while shopping because it reminds you of her, but it takes you weeks to actually ship it.

12. Every time one of you visits the other, you shirk all of your responsibilities and retreat into a weeklong BFF isolation.

Universal Pictures / Via instagram.com

13. You immediately hit it off with her local friends because you just happen to know everything about them already.

CBS Productions / Via kayleeasbury.tumblr.com

And you may have scrolled through their Facebook photos as well.

14. You know her love interests by stories instead of names, because it’s hard to keep track when you only get to meet one or two.

“So wait, what happened to the guy with the Kelly Clarkson ringtone?”

15. And you know you won’t get really serious with your current significant other until he or she gets the BFF approval.

16. You are constantly on the lookout for jobs or apartments or other reasons to convince her to move out to your city.

Paramount Pictures / Via vegan-scorpio.tumblr.com

17. She is the only reason you ever use your phone to make an actual call.

Warner Bros. Television / Via memoriesgaby.tumblr.com

18. You’re the masters of the two-minute brush-up for those times when you haven’t spoken in a while but you need to get right to the good stuff.

19. Your conversations rarely last less than an hour, but you never run out of things to say.

20. The majority of your drunk texts aren’t booty calls to crushes; they’re misspelled declarations to your bestie of how much you miss her.


21. You’ve gotten used to sending and receiving non sequitur texts about outfits, favorite bands of the moment, or randomly remembered inside jokes.

“Hey real quick what color is your hair these days?”

22. Every time you say good-bye, it hurts as much as the first time.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via reddit.com

23. But then just days after you’re back in your respective homes, you’re already planning the next trip.

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