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16 Amazing Videos That Will Absolutely Destroy Your Bad Mood

You OK, you OK, you fine, you fine.

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OK, so these videos aren't actually therapy, and if you need some extra help getting there, here are some tips. But sometimes life is hard. School is stressful. Work is the worst. It's time for a break.

Take a deep breath. Let the magic of these videos wash over you. Return to them as needed.

1. Remember that pure joy is possible, and all you need in order to experience it is a dandelion.

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2. You can greet every day with the same level of glee with which this girl greets her father.

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3. Imagine you are this baby, tucked in purposefully and carefully by such a loving protector.

4. Be the cat, warming slowly to the affections of this doting puppy.

Instagram: @animalsvideos

5. Watch this lil' baby rap and feel all your troubles fade away.

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6. Watch this little guy ease into sleep and think of quieter, calmer times.

7. Take a deep breath and meditate on these beautiful, captivating strokes.

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8. Listen to this little girl's magical story and smile.

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9. The world will knock you on your feet but you will keep getting up!!

12. The future isn't scary. The future is ADORABLE.

13. You are the hands sinking into the luscious fur of this pup. Better yet, you are the pup!

14. Go ahead and feel happy of yourself. You deserve it.

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15. Listen. Trust. Repeat: YOU OK, YOU OK, YOU FINE, YOU FINE.

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16. And when you're feeling worried, remember the wise words of the 6-year-old in this short movie: The Scared is scared of things you like.


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