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    24 U.S. Coffee Shops To Visit Before You Die

    Time for a (highly caffeinated) road trip.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite independent coffee houses. Here are the mouthwatering results.

    1. Monorail Espresso (Seattle)

    "Monorail Espresso is the Seattleite favorite for coffee on the run. Outdoor seating only, rain or shine, and everyone knows your name." —Candon Michelle

    2. Lemonjello's Coffee (Holland, Michigan)

    "Lovely local shop with amazing coffee, beautiful latte art, delicious homemade baked goods (including lots of gluten-free and vegan options), and an emphasis on community. They’re also really supportive of the local scene — they brew local coffee and display artwork by local artists." —Rachel Syens

    3. Spyhouse Coffee Roasters (Minneapolis)

    "The most incredible coffee and great atmosphere!!!" —andreab4aa58ef60

    4. Lamplighter Roasting Company (Richmond, Virginia)

    "Their Thai coffee is out of this worlddddd." —Rachel Villarroel

    5. Brewed (Fort Worth, Texas)

    6. Safehouse Coffee Roasters (Griffin, Georgia)

    "Good vibes, good coffee, and goodwill toward all. You can’t ask for more!" —vidao

    7. Cocoa Cinnamon (Durham, North Carolina)

    "Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham, North Carolina, is the spot." —David Styron Wood IV

    8. Ipsento Coffee (Chicago)

    "Ipsento in Chicago is amazing! Their namesake drink is out of this world." —maziej

    9. Stone Creek Coffee Roasters (Milwaukee)

    "They are local, have a great environment, fantastic munchies, and a large variety of merch for the coffee fanatic in the family. They also have the best damn coffee in the city." —leew7

    10. Quay Coffee (Kansas City, Missouri)

    "Great coffee and awesome atmosphere; the baristas are great and will make almost anything for you!" —savannahh4660873ea

    11. Sunergos Coffee (Louisville, Kentucky)

    "A café miel to die for, coziness abound, and they roast their own. I moved across town, and can’t get there often anymore, but it’ll always be my No. 1." —jinxie

    12. Coastal Roasters (Tiverton, Rhode Island)

    13. Rook Coffee Roasters (Monmouth County, New Jersey)

    "Rook Coffee — multiple locations in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Absolutely the best!" —sydneyy2

    14. Rise Up Coffee Roasters (Easton, Maryland)

    "Rise Up! Coffee in Easton, Maryland, is the best place to go. It’s a coffeehouse and a roaster all in one. One-of-a-kind artwork lines the walls and you can enjoy a cup while watching the beans roast. The food is amazing, the people are great, and the coffee is the best there is." —elizabethb4d9d7f66f

    15. JC Beans (Dana Point, California)

    "JC Beans Coffee in Dana Point, California, is a small hidden gem. It's located in a small surf town on the coast in Southern California. It's definitely a spot all the locals know about and go to. When a Starbucks opened up two doors down and threatened the coffee shop, they stayed open because their coffee is so good and the staff is so incredible. The pastries here are also to die for, and all homemade!!" —rcwholesalers

    16. Steam Espresso Bar (Denver)

    17. Case Study Coffee Roasters (Portland, Oregon)

    "Case Study Coffee in Portland is one of the best!" —lilag4cbae5508

    18. South Street Cafe & Bakery (Bennington, Vermont)

    "South Street Cafe in Bennington, Vermont, is amazing. Come for the coffee and amazing sandwich and baked good selection, stay for the small-town coziness. This is one place you won't regret." —Elizabeth Strano

    19. Barista Parlor (Nashville)

    "Most assuredly Barista Parlor, Nashville, Tennessee." —LibertyGirl

    20. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters (Jacksonville, Florida)

    "They serve some of the best coffee ever." —jacobs4a4b7f22f

    21. Morning Glass Coffee & Cafe (Honolulu)

    Suggested by jennh4bdf52c72.

    22. Joe Bean Coffee Roasters (Rochester, New York)

    "Joe Bean Coffee Roasters in Rochester, New York!!! The best atmosphere and staff." —christineb493cbd0f1

    23. Verve Coffee Roasters (Santa Cruz, California)

    24. Smokey Row Coffee (Des Moines)

    "Smokey Row in either Pleasantville, Pella, Oskaloosa, or Des Moines, Iowa. I prefer the Pleasantville location mainly because it's the original and in my hometown. They have fantastic coffee that they roast next door to the coffee shop. It's the classic small town place, where everyone knows everyone, with such a rich history. I highly recommend it." —Morgan Schrader

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