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    27 Tip Jars That Are Too Clever To Resist

    Make it rain.

    1. This jingle.

    2. This impressive play on words.

    3. This head-bopper.

    4. This sass.

    5. This pizzeria pun.

    6. This helpful offer.

    7. This realization.

    8. This solid piece of advice.

    9. These words of wisdom.

    10. This flirty reference.

    11. This Queen appreciation.

    12. This banger.

    13. This wink-y suggestion.

    14. This deep cut.

    15. This fantasy fulfillment.

    16. This barely SFW joke.

    17. This perfect execution.

    18. This appeal to nostalgia.

    19. This OBVIOUS choice.

    20. This impossible decision.

    21. And this silly one.

    22. This happy fish.

    23. This money-hungry cutie.

    24. This reminder.

    What goes around comes around!

    25. This jar that's trying to have a good time.

    26. And the one that gets an A for effort.

    27. And, of course, the classic.