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19 Times "Adventure Time" Really Wanted To Make You Cry

Hugging helps.

1. When Banana Man was lonely but also fine.

2. When Finn figured out the emotional risks of being in a relationship.

3. And Flame Princess articulated that risk perfectly.

4. When BMO was wise beyond their years.

5. When Jake explained the art of letting go.

6. When the Ice King admitted our most basic desire.

7. When Finn pushed everything down.

8. When the Duke showed forgiveness.

9. When the Ice King called Jake (and literally everyone) out.

10. When Jake let us know we're doing just fine.

11. When LSP admitted her shortcomings.

12. When Jake wanted to put things into perspective.

13. When Jake Jr. verbalized our overwhelming fear of the future.

14. When Finn dropped this existential bomb.

15. And Jake tried to define the meaning of struggle.

16. When the Ice King hated his own reflection.

17. When Finn was fed up with love.

18. Literally whenever they brought up Marceline and the Ice King's backstory.

19. And when Finn knew the way to make any problem just a little bit better.