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This Fairy Tale Gives Us The LGBT Hero We've Been Waiting For

Hulu's new short film, The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived, is a classic children's tale about a dragon-slaying knight, whose happily ever after just happens to be with a prince.

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The children's book tells the story of Cedric, a humble pumpkin farmer-turned-knight, who realizes (after slaying a dragon, as knights do) he'd rather marry a prince than a princess.

"After facing a multitude of obstacles along the way, it was so heartening to find that Hulu was ready to get behind Cedric's story when it would have been so easy to say no," Errico told BuzzFeed Books in an email.

Ida M. Schouw Andreasen

"By placing Cedric next to some of the most iconic and beloved children's characters of all-time, Hulu has done more for the message than I ever could have."


LGBTQ visibility and representation are very important to Errico, and a big reason he wrote the story to begin with.

Ida M. Schouw Andreasen

"I wrote this story to give children a fairytale ending that exists in the world around them, but is not shown to them," he wrote. "I'd like for children to have every advantage possible towards accepting themselves and others as they grow. Introducing multi-dimensional gay protagonists to tales in a positive way doesn't change the basic themes of courage and love, but may hopefully one day encourage understanding."

And since the short film has launched, Errico has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback.

Ida M. Schouw Andreasen

"People have sent tearful, heartfelt messages about their personal experiences to explain to me why they needed LGBTQ heroes growing up. They've also expressed a sense of gratitude and hopefulness for the future that really affected me and helped put everything into perspective. I think the bravery that those people have shown in their lives, and the willingness of strangers to defend a message like this publicly, says there is a great deal to be hopeful about."