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    This Fairy Tale Gives Us The LGBT Hero We've Been Waiting For

    Hulu's new short film, The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived, is a classic children's tale about a dragon-slaying knight, whose happily ever after just happens to be with a prince.

    Last year, best-selling children's author published The Bravest Knight That Ever Lived, a classic fairy tale starring a hero who just happens to be gay.

    The children's book tells the story of Cedric, a humble pumpkin farmer-turned-knight, who realizes (after slaying a dragon, as knights do) he'd rather marry a prince than a princess.

    Now, you can catch the story in a new way — as an animated short film on Hulu.

    "After facing a multitude of obstacles along the way, it was so heartening to find that Hulu was ready to get behind Cedric's story when it would have been so easy to say no," Errico told BuzzFeed Books in an email.

    LGBTQ visibility and representation are very important to Errico, and a big reason he wrote the story to begin with.

    And since the short film has launched, Errico has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback.