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22 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Fall In Love

"Miss you!!!!" —you, 10 minutes after saying good-bye

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1. In the beginning, your life starts feeling really dramatic.


2. And then, suddenly, much less so.

Ohhh no, OK, *this* is love.

Ohhh no, OK, *this* is love.

3. You and your S.O. develop pet names that aren't necessarily cutesy but are definitely unique.

"Good morning, noodle!"

4. Ditto inside jokes that probably alienate anyone else you hang out with.

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5. If you hear love songs on the radio, they no longer make you roll your eyes.

6. And if you watch romantic movies, you're like, Oh, I get it now!

7. Everywhere you go, you notice little things that remind you of them, so you have to keep yourself from buying hundreds of random gifts.


8. You send each other pictures of animal pairs with the caption "Us."

9. You have their picture set as background or lock screen (or BOTH!) on your phone.

10. You don't care so much about going out anymore, and you may have gone through a period in which your friends questioned whether you were even still alive.


11. There's a lot of non-sexy naked time.

FOX / Via

12. You spend a lot of time together in silence, but that's totally chill.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

13. Their interests or hobbies become yours, and vice versa.

14. Or they don't, but you still tolerate them on occasion.

15. You actually DO think of them first thing in the morning, even on the days you don't wake up next to each other.

16. You eat. A lot.

17. You find the simplest things adorable, as long as your S.O. is doing them.

Look at her brushing her teeth. She is SO CUTE brushing her teeth! —you

18. You hide certain bodily functions for as long as possible, until one day a fart or burp sneaks out and all bets are off.

19. You actually miss them even if you're just apart for a few hours.

(And you tell them so.)

20. You plan fantasy trips around the world, because suddenly everything just seems more interesting.

21. And maaaaybe you envision your future life together in your dream house with your beautiful dogs and/or children, if that's what you're into.

22. You get that you'd find most of this stuff so gross and annoying in anyone else, but when it's you guys, it just makes sense.

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