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26 Pros And Cons Of Living With Your Significant Other

Hello, sexy roommate.

1. Coming home after work is suddenly a lot more exciting.


ESPECIALLY during those first few months.

2. Because you always have someone to vent to.


Someone who HAS to be on your side.

3. Things get... grosser.

4. And it becomes harder — if not impossible — to keep up the ~mystery~.

5. Your wardrobe doubles — or at least just increases.

6. But your at-home gear gets super chill.


You're not trying to impress each other anymore.

7. You have to adjust your TV show line-up and viewing schedule.


8. And you'll start to know a lot about shows you don't even really like.


Or at least more than you knew before,

9. When it comes to chores, you kind of naturally fall into the roles you're more inclined toward.


Listen, not everyone can cook.

10. Officially or unofficially, one of you will become the "clean boo" and the other the "messy boo."

"Clean boo" will probably call the shots.

11. You pretty much can't avoid each other if you're fighting.

12. You might have to get creative if you're looking for some alone time.

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13. But awkward pauses are no longer a thing, because you guys are experts at sitting together in comfortable silence.

Disney Pixar

14. You'll find more ways to do sweet, random little things for each other.

15. And you have someone to take care of you when you're sick.

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(I.e., indulge all your drama about being sick.)

16. If you fall asleep while you're watching TV, you have someone to wake you up and send you to bed.

17. But it might take some time before you actually admit to being asleep.

18. When it comes to decorating, you have to learn how to compromise.

19. But sometimes someone just has to draw the line.

20. You tend to go out less (or just redefine what a "date" is) because you're spending more time together at home.

21. Grocery shopping is so much easier — and maybe even fun.


22. Sexy times get pretty casual.


23. Shared rent and utilities = MORE MONEY.


24. If one of you has a pet from pre-shacking up, there is a definite... adjustment period.

25. Sometimes you come home and all of your clothes are clean and folded and put away.


26. And waking up every morning next to each other really is the best.


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