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16 Things That Happen At Every Italian-American Thanksgiving

Nonna, would you please sit down?

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1. You swear you won't fill up on antipasto, but you do.

That mortadella tho.
daniela_onel /

That mortadella tho.

2. The cheese plate is no joke.

sasyna /

3. Someone steals all of the mozzarella out of the caprese.

You know who you are.
Twitter: @yolksound

You know who you are.

4. And someone else will try to pass off an entire homemade pizza as an appetizer.

5. Most surfaces in the kitchen are covered in flour and rows of homemade pasta.

alliflores /

6. If anyone brings a friend who isn't Italian, there is a moment of shock and confusion.

7. Because we all know, if there's turkey, it isn't the star.

8. The star is the lasagna.

reilopes /

9. Or the stuffed artichokes.

ashleyarena /

10. Two words: wine drunk.

11. Someone spends the entire dinner telling Nonna to sit down, but she never does.

12. That newly vegetarian cousin is mercilessly picked on by the aunts and uncles.

13. You can only hear the person sitting next to you, but you still try to shout to the person across the table.

14. There's wayyyyyy too much dessert, and like 80% of it is cannoli, pignoli, sfogliatelle, and rainbow cookies.

Mmmmm..... rainbow cookies...
didiaries /

Mmmmm..... rainbow cookies...

15. Dessert is served with espresso and/or Sambuca.

thewildwildzest /

16. And the meal is pretty much done by 3pm.

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