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    The 23 Best Parts Of Being A Book Lover

    Celebrate it, bibliophiles.

    23. Having a library card and using it regularly.

    22. Buying books faster than you can read them.

    21. Finding out your favorite author is releasing a new book.

    20. BOOK SALES.

    19. Scoping out the best bookstores in any city you visit.

    18. Planning your literary tattoos.

    17. Midnight release parties.

    16. Reading on the subway.

    15. Sniffing old books.

    14. Having a permanent dining companion.

    13. Seeing your beloved characters come to life on the big screen.

    12. And then insisting that the book was better.

    11. Finding notes in used books.

    10. Picking out the perfect bookplates.

    9. Creative storage solutions.

    8. Being opinionated about which editions of the classics are the best.

    7. Reorganizing your personal library.

    6. Book clubs.

    5. Finding out that you and your favorite TV characters have similar taste.

    4. Geeking out at book festivals.

    3. Staying up way too late because you just have to finish that last chapter.

    2. Living vicariously through fictional characters.

    1. Finding the coziest reading spot, making a hot drink, and opening up to the first page.