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    Jul 6, 2014

    23 Summer Experiences Anyone Who Grew Up In The Suburbs Understands


    1. Waking up earlier than you ever did during the school year just so you could get outside and start playing.

    Flickr: realdave / Creative Commons

    2. If you could get enough neighborhood kids together, Red Rover, Red Light Green Light, or some simple Freeze Tag were the way to go.

    3. If it was really hot, there was nothing more exciting than getting your parents to turn on the sprinklers.

    Flickr: wespeck / Creative Commons

    4. Or, even better, to roll out one of these.

    It didn't even matter that they often ended up being VERY PAINFUL.

    5. But the absolute best thing that could happen would be getting an invitation from the friend who has a pool.

    6. You'd turn these guys into lightsabers.

    Flickr: ashleigh290 / Creative Commons

    7. See who could hold their handstand (and breath) the longest.

    8. You could dive for these...

    9. ...Or stage an underwater tea party.

    Flickr: -elleinad- / Creative Commons

    10. At some point you'd hear those dulcet tones.

    11. And, fingers crossed, they'd have your favorite frozen snack in stock.

    12. You'd eat these by the handful.

    13. Pickup games of backyard softball were the best, complete with makeshift bases.

    14. And if you were really creative, you could make most epic games of hopscotch.

    Flickr: yugen / Creative Commons

    15. If the day was just too scorching, you could just beat the heat at the mall.

    Flickr: lancerrevolution / Creative Commons

    16. The highlight of the summer was when you got to take a trip to the water park.

    17. Or when it was time for the traveling carnival to come around.

    Flickr: nakrnsm / Creative Commons

    18. (Where, of course, you'd stuff your face with cotton candy, corn dogs, and elephant ears.)

    19. When you were ready for a fight, you were either filling these bad boys up.

    20. Or arming yourself with one of these.

    21. And if you were really cool, you were skating at the Starbucks parking lot, the local playground, or anywhere with railings.

    Flickr: wico30 / Creative Commons

    22. Your day wasn't complete without at least a few scrapes or grass stains.

    23. And you'd end your nights in the most magical way: chasing after fireflies.

    Flickr: jbmac / Creative Commons

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