23 Summer Experiences Anyone Who Grew Up In The Suburbs Understands


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2. If you could get enough neighborhood kids together, Red Rover, Red Light Green Light, or some simple Freeze Tag were the way to go.

7. See who could hold their handstand (and breath) the longest.

8. You could dive for these...

10. At some point you'd hear those dulcet tones.

11. And, fingers crossed, they'd have your favorite frozen snack in stock.

12. You'd eat these by the handful.

13. Pickup games of backyard softball were the best, complete with makeshift bases.

16. The highlight of the summer was when you got to take a trip to the water park.

18. (Where, of course, you'd stuff your face with cotton candy, corn dogs, and elephant ears.)

19. When you were ready for a fight, you were either filling these bad boys up.

20. Or arming yourself with one of these.

22. Your day wasn't complete without at least a few scrapes or grass stains.