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    23 Things That Drive Makeup Lovers Crazy

    Don't you dare ask why I need another red lipstick.

    1. Natural vs. unnatural light:

    2. ESPECIALLY when you're contouring:

    3. This risk:

    4. Having to act like you're not just stocking up on the free stuff:

    After you get a free sample and you pretending you might actually buy it

    5. When your phone refuses to cooperate:

    When your makeup looks bomb af but you can't get any good selfies

    6. When your body is working against you:

    when you have to sneeze right after doing your mascara

    7. Finger vs. toe nail polish retention:

    Nail polish on my fingernails: *chips off when I sneeze* Nail polish on my toenails: *survives a nuclear war*

    8. How willpower is a joke, tbh:

    9. (Which is a problem)

    10. The elusive smokey eye:

    11. Or the winged eyeliner struggle:

    12. When the last step goes wrong:

    13. Working through the heat:

    14. How no one seems to grasp this concept?

    15. When no long-lasting lipstick can prevent this:

    16. How it's like your face never itches until your makeup is done:

    when your eyebrow is itchy, but you can't do anything bc you'll scratch the fleek away so you just sit there like

    17. Trying to keep a neat vanity:

    18. DECISIONS.

    19. This fear:

    20. Every damn time this happens:

    when you go to put your mascara brush back in the tube but you miss 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    21. This tragedy:

    Twitter: @makeuplolz

    Is good makeup even real if there's no photographic evidence?

    22. When people who don't understand are trying to rush:

    23. And this:

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