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22 Struggles Of Binge-Watching A Show

Just one more episode...

You're finally going to watch that show everyone is always telling you about. So exciting!!

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1. You watch the first few episodes and try to practice restraint, to pace yourself.

2. You fail horribly.

3. Turns out this show is the best thing that has ever happened to you??

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4. You watch the show instead of socializing.

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5. You watch the show instead of sleeping.

Disney / Via

6. You watch the show instead of going to work.

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How many sick days have you used this year? ::cough:: ::cough::

7. And forget about putting any time or effort toward feeding yourself.

8. The theme song has made its way permanently into your head.

9. And you swear you're starting to think in the voices of your favorite characters.

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10. You have more of an emotional investment in the love lives of the characters than you do your own life.

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11. And somehow the character you thought was "pretty cute or whatever" in the first few episodes is now THE MOST PAINFULLY BEAUTIFUL CREATURE WHO HAS EVER WALKED THE EARTH.

HBO / Via

My sun and starrrrrrrrrrs.

12. You can't risk talking to your caught-up friends about it, even though it is literally the only thing in the world that you want to talk about.

13. This means no one shares in your shock and/or outrage over plot twists.

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(Especially since the rest of the world experienced it years ago.)

14. You want to immerse yourself completely in the world of the show, but you know that if you google anything, you're opening yourself up to spoilers.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

15. Basically you live in an all-consuming fear of spoilers, in general.

New Line Cinema / Via

Nothing is safe.

16. You fall behind on all of your other shows, and you start to forget why you loved them in the first place.

New Line Cinema / Via

17. Any internet connectivity problems that interrupt your streaming send you into an unfamiliar rage.

Paramount Television / Via

18. When you catch up to the current season, you can no longer find a reliable way of watching online.

19. And you're completely unprepared for weeklong (and summer-long?!??!?!) gaps between each episode.

Universal Pictures / Via

20. Or the show is off the air, and you’re forced to face the existential pain of everything’s eventual end.

21. You finish the last episode and are worried you don’t remember how to function in the real world.

FOX / Via

What now?

22. So you search for the next show to fill the void left by this one, starting the cycle all over again.

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