20 Struggles Of Being Friends With People Who Don't Read

    Yes, I *do* really need a second copy of The Hobbit.

    1. No one believes you when you tell them that reading silently in the same room is actually a great way to hang.

    2. Or that you'd sometimes rather finish your book than catch up with them after work.

    3. Because, honestly, "catching up" would entail describing the most recent book you've fallen in love with, but none of them quite get it or care.

    4. You get teased about being lazy any time you stay in on a nice day.

    5. Having to explain that emotional attachment to characters is a REAL THING.

    6. So, no, you aren't being melodramatic when you need some time to recover after one of your faves dies.

    7. Trying to describe your favorite book by comparing it to books or TV shows they've seen.

    8. Biting your tongue when you suggest a book and they say they'll "just wait for the movie."

    9. And god forbid they make a joke about how they "can't believe people even read anymore."

    10. When they're like, "ROAD TRIP!!!!" but then don't understand that the best thing about road trips is reading in the back seat.

    11. The perpetual heartbreak of recommending a book you think they'll actually love, and then realizing they'll never read it.

    12. Or, worse, when you actually buy that book for them as a gift and you see the disappointment in their eyes.

    13. If a friend does borrow a book, they don't understand it as the deeply personal and sacred exchange that it is.

    14. Every time you drop a hilarious or meaningful quote or reference it and everyone completely misses it.

    15. When you dress up as a book character for Halloween, and all of your friends are like, "Who are you supposed to be?"

    16. And no one is psyched about your literary character costume party.

    17. That 'gram of the book you're currently loving? Five likes, max.

    18. When you can feel their growing impatience when you insist on stopping at your local bookstore for "just a few minutes."

    19. Or when you try to drag them to midnight releases or book signings, so you don't have to go alone.

    20. None of them can give you the most priceless and thoughtful gift — an amazing recommendation.