The Struggles Of Being An Android User In An iPhone World

    "Unfortunately ____ has stopped."

    1. When the front-facing camera shows you a stranger:

    android users be like "Selfie!"

    2. And, honestly, sometimes the regular camera:

    3. When you're psyched for that new game or app but then...

    4. Or when you're waiting on updates literally everyone is talking about:

    5. When your iPhone-using friends send an emoji and you're just like ????

    6. And speaking of emojis...

    7. Come on!

    8. This phrase:

    Android users be like "was that a group txt? I can't see it"

    9. This screen:

    10. This warning:

    11. When everyone's talking about the Apple Watch and you're just like:

    12. You've learned not all products for smartphones are made with your specific smartphone in mind.

    When bags come with little pockets to put your phone in but it doesn't fit #androidproblems

    13. When you're like "oh can't wait to listen to that mixtape" and then...

    When you wanna listen to the mixtape that drake and future drop then you remember that you have an android

    14. When your passive aggressive options are limited:

    When you have an android phone but wanna ignore their text for real

    15. You immediately apologize when someone uses your phone to take a picture:

    16. Why??? does??? it???? stop????

    17. The fact that have to carry around a million extras chargers:

    When you the only android user in yo squad and u need a charger😒😢

    18. But honestly? You'd still never switch sides.

    When everyone is complaining about the iPhone restart code, and you have a Galaxy

    Google 4L

    19. (Even if nobody believes you.)

    "I don't want an iPhone. I love my android"