19 Struggles Anyone With A Long Name Understands

“How do you pronounce that?”

1. Everyone wants to shorten your name, and you feel bad saying you prefer your actual name.

2. Which means you’ve had to deal with a lot of weird nicknames.

3. School announcements were always awkward.

4. Same for any formal situation in which your name is read out loud.

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(Like, say, graduation.)

5. Whenever you introduce yourself, you’re ready to answer “Oooh what is that?”

6. And you’re used to people saying “Wait, lemme try it” as they turn the pronunciation of your name into this big thing.

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7. Good luck if you’re part of any team sport.

8. Or if you need to fill your name out on any standardized test forms.

9. Spelling your name over the phone is always an ordeal.

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10. And you can always predict that the spelling will be botched, regardless.

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11. Any sort of official government documents make you uneasy because a misspelling feels somehow inevitable.

12. And getting a formal, adult email address is tricky because it feels too long.

13. You fantasize about marrying someone with a short name even though you deep down also want to keep your name because its yours.

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14. (And hyphenating will be a bitch if you ever get married to someone with a last name longer than three letters.)

15. Growing up, you were easily teased.

(Mostly because the kids didn’t even know how to say your name.)

16. And you still feel inexplicably sad when someone you’ve known for a while misspells your name.

17. You’ve envied people who only have one name, and considered being a pop star so you could justify having one.

18. Similarly, you’ve come to terms with the fact that your name is just too clunky to be cool.

Eon Productions / via myexistenceisinfinite.tumblr.com

Eon Productions / via myexistenceisinfinite.tumblr.com


19. But eventually you learned to embrace the name you have, because at least it’s unique!!

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