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    20 Cities That Really Know How To Put On A Pride Parade

    Lonely Planet's Guide to Pride has the scoop on the cities with the greatest LGBTQ celebrations. Here's a look inside.

    1. São Paulo, Brazil

    2. San Francisco

    3. New York City

    4. Madrid

    5. London

    6. Paris

    7. Berlin

    8. Vancouver

    9. Amsterdam

    10. Sydney

    11. Toronto

    12. Atlanta

    13. Buenos Aires

    14. Melbourne, Australia

    15. Reykjavík, Iceland

    16. Taipei, Taiwan

    17. Auckland, New Zealand

    18. Dublin

    19. Cape Town, South Africa

    20. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Lonely Planet’s Guide to Pride: 20 Cities & Their Celebrations is available, for free, now.

    São Paulo's pride parade falls on the Sunday following the holiday of Corpus Christi, which can occur in May or June. An earlier version of this post misstated the date.