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22 Signs You've Grown Too Comfortable With Your Internet Addiction

Shut it down.

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22. You no longer know how to fall asleep without looking at some kind of screen.

Flickr: mbiddulph / Creative Commons

21. This means you've probably lost a lot of sleep to Netflix.

Cartoon Network Studios / Via

20. And you're probably scrolling through Tumblr long after your significant other has fallen asleep next to you.


19. And you've kicked your laptop out of bed in your sleep so many times, you're considering putting down carpet to break the fall.

Flickr: mbiddulph / Creative Commons


18. You assume that everyone knows what you're talking about when you casually reference popular Vines.

17. And when you find out they haven't seen it, you genuinely can't understand why they wouldn't want to.

BMP / Via

"But ... it's Ryan Gosling ... except it looks like he's refusing cereal? Just watch!"

16. You bring your laptop with you to lunch, to holidays, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to your friend's housewarming party.

ABC / Via

You know, just in case.

15. You spend too much money on food because every meal is ordered on either Seamless or GrubHub.

Hanna - Barbera Productions / Via

14. You're reluctant to let someone else use your laptop, for fear they might accidentally close one of the tabs you've had open for over a month.


13. You've unironically declared something your favorite meme, and then defended it vehemently.

12. You've consciously chosen falling into a Reddit K-hole over actual socialization many times.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

11. You believe that sharing obscure YouTube videos is a fine way to spend time with friends.

Columbia Pictures / Via

10. You feel no shame asking if a coffee shop has WiFi before ordering.

And you'll leave if the outlets are covered up.

And you'll leave if the outlets are covered up.

9. You're constantly apologizing for being attached to your laptop when friends are over ...

Carsey - Werner Company / Via

8. ... but you still can't step away until you check out just one more thing.

Carsey - Werner Company / Via

7. You used to daydream about nature getaways, but now you just worry about the signal strength.

"So is the WiFi on this beach password-protected or...?"

"So is the WiFi on this beach password-protected or...?"

6. You've started real-life conversations with the phrase, "I tweeted about this earlier, but..."

5. And you find it socially acceptable to talk in public about how many likes, faves, or retweets your post got.

NBC / Via

4. You have an IMDB app on your phone, but you're annoyed that you can't use it while you're actually in the theater.

NBC / Via

What are you supposed to do, wait an hour before finding out which shampoo commercial that B-list actor was in?!

3. You've paid extra money to use your phone as a hotspot, and not even for work-related reasons.

And always in an inconvenient place.
Flickr: mikecogh / Creative Commons

And always in an inconvenient place.

2. You talk about the internet like it's: A. a person and B. your friend.

Brookwell-McNamara Entertainment / Via

The internet told me I should put on a warmer coat today. Thanks, internet.

1. Because when it comes down to it, the internet isn't just your friend: it's your family.

20th Century Fox / Via

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