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21 Signs You're The Annoying Friend In A New Relationship

"No, YOU hang up first!"

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1. You're suddenly fine with posting the kind of couple selfies you always said you hated.

when people first start taking they take pictures lke this when they get into a new relationship,b|c people be w| bs.

2. You tag those photos like this.

when you get into a new relationship 😂😭

3. And you've gotten dangerously close to considering something even more extreme.


4. Your new phone background is an homage.

5. You're on extreme social media patrol.

7. And you consider "that time they said your name real cute" to be a perfectly appropriate conversation topic.

8. You've maaaaybe gone a little MIA.

Looool RT @bitstrips: When your BFF is in a new relationship:

9. You've taken on your new dude or lady's interests.

When your friend gets in a relationship and starts acting brand freaking new with you. You're like, "who are you?"

"What are you talking about? I've always been SUPER into Japanese baby metal."

10. You can't stop talking about how it was meant to be.

When new couples be like "we been through it all together" all of what ? The McDonald's drive thrus?


12. You get impatient when you're forced to be apart.

Spencer & I are the most annoying couple ever & I'm not even sorry about it😂 #CopiedHim

13. And you treat every goodbye as if one of you is headed off to war.

14. Any and every coincidence is irrefutable proof that you guys are made for each other.

We really are that annoying couple idc I love it lmaooo


16. You'd consider buying this, even if just for a moment.

is this a thing? r u supposed to buy a card for your new partner when you start a relationship?? is this y i'm single

17. Because you kind of want to celebrate everything??

18. You might not actually post things like this, but you're definitely less annoyed by them when other people do.

"I get it now." —You, all of a sudden


20. You talk on every social media platform you have, because one is NOT ENOUGH.