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23 Signs You're A Default Single Person

Not all those in relationships identify as "relationship people."

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While some in this world are Default Relationship People (DRP) who are sometimes single, you are a Default Single Person (DSP) who is sometimes in a relationship.

1. This means that even when you ARE in a relationship, you identify with many traits of the perma-single.

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2. Like you really really really love a nice evening spent alone.

3. Maybe cracking open a bottle of wine for one.

4. Reading quietly or plowing through some Netflix.

Nickelodeon / Via

5. And you're still down to travel, go to dinner, or see a movie solo.

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6. And because of all of this, being a DSP in a relationship can get a little awkward!

Relativity Media / Via

7. Like maybe you have trouble communicating.

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8. Maybe you forget to communicate entirely because you're so comfortable just hanging out in your own head!

DreamWorks / Via

9. And then your S.O. asks what's wrong, and you're like, "Oh, I was just thinking about pizza."

NBC / Via

10. You instinctively gush to your S.O. about all of your celebrity crushes when watching TV or movies.

FOX / Via

(And there are a lot.)

11. You make jokes about identifying with notable single characters, because you always have, and it's a tough habit to kick!

12. And there's a part of you that kiiiind of misses relating to all of the best angst-y pop songs.

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13. You feel like you never properly learned how to be "good" at the gushy stuff.

FOX / Via

14. So there's a chance you reacted...strangely to your first "I love you."

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15. You have a hard time taking Valentine's Day seriously.

16. And PDA never feels quite right.

Relativity Media / Via

17. You've developed a group of friends that is super tight-knit and possibly intimidating and/or alienating.

18. But your relationship with yourself is your strongest one of all.

Warner Bros. / Via

19. You're probably a bit protective of your space/things.

Maybe you don't share so well! It doesn't mean you don't care.

20. And, because you've spent years honing your own specific tastes, you can be a bit set in your ways.

21. Since you're so used to keeping yourself company, you forget sometimes that there's this new person who wants to join in.

But you're happy when they do!

22. And people might mistake this for being aloof or distant, but you're just doing your own, independent ~thing~.

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23. Which, tbh, makes you a pretty exciting partner to have.

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