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    21 Signs You And Your Friend Are Officially BFFs

    You know the difference.

    1. You no longer need a reason to text each other.

    I don't know what's this for lol @Superkellyy #bestfriendtexts

    2. You enter each other's homes without knocking or ringing a bell.

    3. You grab food at each other's places without asking.

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    4. You're down to hang out with their parents without them, and vice versa.

    When your best friend takes a selfie with your mom and sends it to you @MarissaGrimsley

    5. You can have an entire conversation made of inside jokes that no one else understands.

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    6. You can also have an entire conversation with just facial expressions.

    7. You've probably seen each other naked.

    is ur best friend rly ur best friend if you haven't seen them naked

    8. You've dropped the pleasantries.

    9. You still help each other up when one of you falls...but only after laughing and maybe taking a quick pic.

    10. But you always know exactly when and how to build each other back up.

    11. You've borrowed so many things from each other you've forgotten what yours and what's theirs.

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    12. You don't keep track of who owes money to whom — you just randomly take turns buying each other coffee.

    When ur bff leaves coffee on ur desk for when u get to class :,-)

    13. You've given tough love about each other's romantic prospects.

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    14. And you don't mince words.

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    15. You check in for even the smallest decisions.

    If you and your BFF don't text like this, are y'all really best friends?

    16. You're totally comfortable hanging out in silence.


    17. Cuddling isn't unusual.

    18. You drunk-text each other before you drunk-text crushes.

    Drunk texts from your best friend>>>>>

    19. Nice, posed photos of the two of you are now pretty rare.

    20. You've held onto onto their grudges longer than they have.

    21. And of course:

    Best friends don't let their best friend's selfies go unliked.