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28 Signs You Were A High School Choir Geek

OK, let's take it from measure six. Deep breaths.

1. When Glee came out, you felt like they were revealing your personal secrets.

2. You harmonize to songs on the radio.

Even if it makes the people around you uncomfortable.

3. You get super invested in shows like American Idol, The Voice, or The X Factor.

4. You pick karaoke songs based on the keys they're in.

5. Even if you’ve lost it, you once had the ability to translate this, with just your voice, into music.

6. Every now and then you find yourself singing warm-ups in the shower.

7. And sometimes, out of nowhere, that song you sang in sophomore year just pops into your head.

8. You can speak Italian, as long as the conversation consists entirely of words about tempo or volume.

9. You developed preferences for specific arrangements or composers.

10. You had strong opinions on which vocal section was inherently the best.

11. You have actually gone Christmas caroling.

12. You were involved with the theater department, but only when it was time for the annual musical.

13. This was your favorite kind of homework.

14. Your other classes all suffered when it was time for all-county or (fingers crossed) all-state festivals.

15. You spent free periods hanging out (or napping) in the music department classrooms.

16. At some point you considered being a music teacher yourself.

17. You learned at least three different ways of immediately healing a sore or raspy throat.

18. And you knew that milk was an absolute no-no on concert day.

19. Speaking of concert day, you were ready with multiple full-length gowns.

20. Of, if you're a guy, a freshly pressed and brightly colored button-up.

21. Fainting mid-performance was a very real fear you had.

22. And you knew that everyone was going to get a little stir-crazy right before the show.

23. You went on more auditions than you can count, but they never got less terrifying.

24. You had at least one entirely a cappella playlist on your iPod.

25. Nothing felt better than getting a secret thumbs up from your choir director at the end of a song.

26. Losing this was like losing your entire life.

27. Your choir director doubled as friend and sometime therapist.

28. And no one understood you quite like your fellow choir geeks.