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28 Signs You Were A High School Choir Geek

OK, let's take it from measure six. Deep breaths.

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5. Even if you’ve lost it, you once had the ability to translate this, with just your voice, into music.

9. You developed preferences for specific arrangements or composers.

We're doing a Whitacre this season?!?!??!


13. This was your favorite kind of homework.

14. Your other classes all suffered when it was time for all-county or (fingers crossed) all-state festivals.

15. You spent free periods hanging out (or napping) in the music department classrooms.

20. Of, if you're a guy, a freshly pressed and brightly colored button-up.

22. And you knew that everyone was going to get a little stir-crazy right before the show.

27. Your choir director doubled as friend and sometime therapist.

(And sometime goofball.)