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    16 Signs You Are Too Stubborn To Live

    *Holds senseless grudge for rest of life*

    1. There is no such thing as letting something go.

    me: and that's all Im going to say on the subject me: (seconds later)

    2. Everything is a challenge, ESPECIALLY rhetorical questions.

    3. You'll die before you accept help from anyone who even suggests you might need it.

    When my enemies see me struggling I still be like

    4. A shopping trip is just a chance to PROVE A POINT.

    5. And there is literally nothing you love more than proving a point.

    6. The best way to get you to do something is to tell you that you can't.

    "You can't fit 50 pizzas in your car!" NEVER TELL ME I CANT DO SOMETHING!!

    7. If a loophole exists, you'll find it.

    8. You get what you want, or you bounce.

    9. You've become a bit...set in your ways.

    10. You are master of the cold shoulder.

    Im so stubborn lolll❤️😒😂😂

    11. You put your pride before your life.

    12. God forbid you admit you were wrong.

    13. In fact, it's not outside the realm of possibility that you would end a relationship before apologizing.

    when you and bae both are too stubborn to apologize or start the conversation so you just sit there

    14. You will ALWAYS get the last word.

    15. You keep fighting for the principle of the matter long after you forget what the principle is.

    16. And the only way to make you MORE stubborn is to tell you to stop being so stubborn.