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    Richard Splett Is Low-Key The Best Character On "Veep"

    Fudge. Me.

    1. Richard Splett is nothing if not eager.

    2. All he wants to do is help, even if he doesn't always know the BEST ways to do it.

    3. If he's on your side, you'll have an earnest and determined ally.

    4. He's open and honest.

    5. He's excited by anything and everything.

    6. Such simple, pure joy! It's infectious!

    7. He's an eternal optimist.

    8. He's great on his feet.

    9. A real quick-thinking problem-solver.

    10. He loves a good metaphor.

    11. The man knows how to paint a picture.

    12. He's practically a poet.

    13. He's sensitive, and not afraid to stand up for the underdog.

    14. He's kindhearted.

    15. But also fine with acknowledging when he's wrong.

    16. He's got so many interests and hobbies.

    17. He's a man of culture.

    18. His confidence is unflagging.

    19. And one time, he said this.