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    A Reminder That "Arthur" Once Beautifully Described Asperger's Syndrome

    The cartoon that has been and continues to be on point.

    We all know and love Arthur, our favorite aardvark.

    But did you know that back in 2010, the kids' show introduced a character with Asperger's syndrome named Carl?

    Carl meets George in the aptly titled episode "When George Met Carl," but, at first, George isn't sure how to treat his new friend.

    The Brain asks George to imagine he's an astronaut on an alien planet.

    And everything seems familiar but strange.

    You find yourself confused by the way people talk and act around you.

    What makes perfect sense to you seems weird to everyone else.

    So you're left to your own devices to kind of find your niche — and you do!

    Eventually, it gets easier.

    Even if you always feel like everyone else is just a little off.

    Watch the full scene below:

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    H/T Ruined Childhood