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13 Reasons You Should Be Spending More Time Outside

Go take a hike.

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Flickr: nosha / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: nosha

Following stressful events, blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension have all been seen to decrease faster in natural environments than in urban settings. (Source.)

Flickr: Mosman Council / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mosmancouncil

People who take part in conservation projects report feeling part of a system greater than themselves, and improvements in overcoming social isolation. (Source.)

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Exposure to natural daylight — preferably at the same time every morning and for about 15 minutes — can help maintain a normal circadian rhythm. (Source.)

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Negative ions — which are found abundantly in the air around waterfalls, crashing waves, and in rainfall — have been shown to lighten moods, relieve depression, and increase energy level. (Source.)

Flickr: Christian Arballo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: arballoimages

Exposure to natural settings — through things like wilderness walking, gardening, or even seeing trees outside your apartment building — has been linked to decreased "attention fatigue" and reduced symptoms in people with ADHD. (Source.)

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