16 Reasons You Should Go To Prom Without A Date

    Solo dolo 4L.

    Hi, hello.

    One day, roughly 100 years ago, I was a high schooler facing prom season with no date in sight.

    For a fleeting moment I thought I wouldn't go, because all my friends had dates, and who wants to be the 11th wheel in the back of a limo?

    But at the last minute I was like, fuck it. I went to prom alone, and I lived to tell the tale. And here's why you should, too.

    1. You've survived hanging out with your classmates as a single person, and this is basically just that but with fancy clothes and music.

    2. You won't be tied to any one person, which means you can mingle.

    3. You can dance with anyone!

    4. Or you can dance with no one, which is better, since in high school a lot of dancing is awkward grinding and, like, not even really enjoyable dancing anyway.

    5. No one will ask you to get up and dance to their favorite song while you're busy raiding the buffet table.

    What I was most excited for (-: #promfood

    6. You don't have to coordinate your outfit with anyone.

    7. And you can truly let your personality ~shine~.

    My friend was the only one without a prom date

    8. AND no one will be there to block that shine in your photos.

    9. You can ditch it if it's incredibly lame and no one will be like, "Come onnnn, just a few more songs."

    10. You don't have to worry about going with a date who will eventually break your heart or whose heart you will eventually break, forever tarnishing the memory.

    11. And you don't have to deal with any awkward romantic pressure, especially if you and your date aren't already in an established relationship.

    12. You'll learn an important lesson earlier than most, namely: Anything worth doing with a date is also worth doing alone.

    going to prom without a date because im an independent woman

    (See: a night at the movies, a nice dinner, trips to exciting places.)

    13. You'll also see that it's not scary as you might think.

    14. If your friends also don't have dates, CONGRATULATIONS, you have hit the jackpot for optimal prom enjoyment.

    15. The whole thing honestly means so much less than you would imagine (or than teen movies would have you believe) and you will think about it maybe five times total for the rest of your life.

    16. And when you DO talk about it among adults, you get to tell people you went dateless which makes you look boss as fuck.

    And of course, for those of you who have no interest in going to prom, period, that's perfectly fine, too.