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    18 Reasons Living In New York City Is A Goddamn Gift

    "Sorry I'm late; there was a woman singing 'Halo' at 2nd Ave. and I couldn't leave."

    1. There's always a chance you might run into Alice Tan Ridley on your way to work.

    2. Or this natural woman.

    3. No way your bad mood is sticking around if you catch Rasheed and the Jazz Collective.

    4. Ditto Lucky Chops Brass Band.

    5. You know that thing where you pretend your life is a movie and the music you're listening to is the soundtrack? It's SO MUCH EASIER to do in New York.

    6. Seriously. You can hear this amazing voice just, like, on a random day! Running errands!

    7. OK, you might miss your train because Chargaux is playing.

    8. And how could you possibly walk away when Michael Young's doing his Sam Cooke?

    9. But πŸ‘ it's πŸ‘ worth πŸ‘ it.

    10. You just never know when an angel might bless your ears.

    11. Announcements be damned β€” there's always something to celebrate.

    12. At least once a week you'll encounter someone who will make you wonder, "How are you not famous yet?"

    13. And sometimes they'll be so young it's almost infuriating.

    14. But it's always inspiring.

    15. Or ~~romantic~~.

    16. Or cathartic.

    17. Or just so fucking hype.

    18. Just make sure you drop some dollars when you see them.

    πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ