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21 Reasons Kate Winslet Is An International Treasure

A celebration on her 39th birthday.

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1. She gave us Rose Dewitt Bukater, a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and got it.

Twentieth Century Fox

2. She delivered one of the all-time best lines for seduction.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

3. And then rendered Leo completely useless.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

4. She was the (beautiful) face of ennui.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

5. But she broke it down on the dance floor.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

6. Like, seriously, Leo could not handle it.

Twentieth Century Fox

7. She didn't pull punches in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Focus Features

8. And refused to be Jim Carrey's Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Focus Features

9. She was bluntly honest.

Focus Features / Via

10. And made you wish you were woken up like this every day.

Focus Features / Via

11. She was an actual heavenly (albeit murderous) creature in Heavenly Creatures.

12. She got completely and hilariously irreverent on Extras.


13. She was unapologetic and brutal in The Reader.

14. She proved she could put a person in their place without saying one word in Revolutionary Road.

Dreamworks SKG

15. She got a Walk of Fame star (DUH) but then lounged over it like it was no big deal.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

16. When she attended her premiere far along in her pregnancy, she walked the red carpet like she owned it.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images for BFI

17. She was even recognized by the Queen— technically for "services to drama" but really for being the all-around best.

AP Photo/ Dominic Lipinski/PA

18. Basically, her power, poise, and grace are unmatchable.

19. But she also gets silly for pics with all of her adoring fans!

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters / Reuters

20. She keeps it real, always.

21. So happy birthday, Kate, you actual goddess.

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