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19 Questions You've Definitely Wanted To Ask Your Therapist

Have you Googled me, or....?

1. Have you looked me up on Facebook?

What about Twitter?

2. Do you know I've tried to find YOU on Facebook?


Is that creepy?

3. Does anyone ever actually lie down on that couch?


4. Do you ever just... zone out?

5. What do you really think of me?


6. Would we be friends if we just, like, met?

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7. Are you going to talk about this over drinks with your friends later?


8. What are you writing down??

9. Are my issues boring compared to your other patients'?

10. If I have nothing to talk about, are you judging me?

11. Do you think everything I do is a sign of something deeper?

HBO / Via

Honestly, the only reason I'm not wearing makeup today is I was just feeling lazy, I swear.

12. Do you really need to charge this much money?

13. Do your feelings get hurt when patients "break up" with you?

14. Do you have favorite patients?


....Am I one of them?

15. Where am I supposed to be looking right now?

16. Is it possible to talk *too much* at my own therapy session?


17. How do you handle listening to people's problems all day?


Honestly, are you OK?

18. Do YOU see a therapist?


19. Can I give you a hug?


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