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    Jul 6, 2014

    20 Questionable Phrasings That Are So Bad They Might Be Genius

    Proof that all of our minds are in the gutter.

    1. This satisfactory food feature.

    2. This message of congratulations.

    3. This disappointment.

    4. These words of encouragement.

    5. This cookbook-turned-horror story.

    6. This new toy.

    7. Judy's confidence.

    8. This warning.

    9. This unnecessarily bigoted aisle.

    10. The free swag from Hooker Elementary School.

    11. Ditto Franklin Academy.

    12. This life lesson.

    13. The best gift ever!

    14. These delectable treats.

    15. And the coozie that goes with them.

    16. This inviting offer.

    17. This honest branding.

    18. This concession.

    19. This irresistible two-in-one rest stop.

    20. And this sexy sale.

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