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    23 Problems Solved By People Who Are Clearly On Another Level

    Life made easy.

    1. Been working on that Rubik's for HOURS?

    2. No time to get to the mechanic?

    3. Need to bring your buddy somewhere he isn't allowed?

    4. Exasperated by the constant slipping of your mid-shower glass of wine?

    5. Super attached to your broken clock?

    6. Can't see your Kindle but don't want to leave the pool?

    Problem solved.

    7. Don't feel like....plugging in your iron?

    (Not totally clear what the problem is here, but something innovative is definitely going on.)

    8. Love the arts, but a bit uncomfortable with the human body?

    Problem modestly solved.

    9. Can't say goodbye to your beloved (but broken) flip flops?

    Problem solved.

    10. Can't drop the cash on a new door handle?

    Problem solved.

    11. Can't waste even one more second searching for a parking spot?

    12. Desperate to charge your iPhone, but not desperate enough to buy a new charger?

    Problem (EXTREMELY DANGEROUSLY) solved.

    13. Can't see out that back window?

    Problem solved.

    14. No in-flight entertainment?

    Problem solved.

    15. Keep waking yourself up every time you nod off?

    Problem solved.

    16. Not too stoked about the distance between cookie and cup?

    Problem solved.

    17. Feel like one glass doesn't hold the amount of Jägerbomb you truly desire?

    Who ever made are my hero! #problemsolved


    Who ever made are my hero! #problemsolved

    5:18 PM - 24 Jul 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Problem drunkenly solved.

    18. Extinguisher gone missing?

    19. Embarrassed about your shattered screen?

    How to make the best out of a bad situation

    Problem solved.

    20. Not really sure how to install A/C into your vintage car?

    21. Lost your suspenders?

    22. Laptop fan just not getting the job done anymore?

    My LAPTOP Fan-LOL see more funny pics ever here 1 to 12 =>

    Only For Adult@childhoodgon

    My LAPTOP Fan-LOL see more funny pics ever here 1 to 12 =>

    2:51 AM - 21 May 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    23. Lacking in manpower?

    #Joesjests Staffing problem solved ... !! ;))

    Joe Allen@jall69

    #Joesjests Staffing problem solved ... !! ;))

    4:30 PM - 10 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Problem solved.

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