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    30 Photos That Perfectly Capture The Finals Week Struggle

    Welcome to hell week.

    1. Refreshments.

    2. The "just leave me here to die."

    The boy who lived under the stairs. #lawschool #finalsproblems

    3. The weight of it all.

    Umm I think my backpack was too heavy... #finalsproblems #oops

    4. The last resort.

    When you get to this point, you've probably given up studying already. #finalsproblems

    5. The "MAKE IT STOP."

    6. The end of the road.

    You know you've taken too many notes when... #noink #finalsproblems

    7. Dinner.

    8. Rewards.

    9. SO. MANY. POST-ITS.

    10. The "I don't care anymore."

    11. The floor nap.

    12. The multi-chair nap hack.

    Wow face down sleeping using 2 chairs It's 9am #finalsweek #finalsweekgotmelike

    13. The "learning by osmosis."

    Adorable Roomz falling asleep studying #FinalsStruggle @eeewie

    14. Keeping healthy.

    15. Sustenance.

    16. The notes tornado.

    All of the #lawschoolproblems and #finalsproblems

    17. Motivation.

    18. The "LA LA LA I can't heeeear you."

    19. This coffee line.

    20. Getting the most out of the "sheet" in "cheat sheet."

    21. Improvising.

    22. This snack desperation.

    23. The bed takeover.

    24. The regret.

    How my life feels at the moment. #finalsweekgotmelike @ohsnapitstoyota

    25. The doubt.

    #FinalsWeekGotMeLike "Just In Case"

    26. The search history.

    My recent google searches for your entertainment. #finalsweekgotmelike

    27. The notebooks on notebooks on notebooks.

    All these notes and I'm still going to fail #FinalsProblems

    28. The nerd jokes.

    My friend was applying energy from the paper to his food to warm it up. #finalsproblems

    29. The fear.

    30. The reality.