For Everyone Who Is Attracted To Littlefinger

Let’s just say it: You want a Littlefinger in the streets and a Biggerfinger in the sheets.

1. It’s not really a secret that the actor who plays Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish on Game of Thrones is super fine.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Aidan Gillen was previously on the U.K.’s Queer as Folk and HBO’s The Wire, so you’ve had plenty of time to recognize his foxiness.

2. But this isn’t just about a pretty face, is it?

3. Lord Baelish is manipulative, untrustworthy, backstabbing, greedy, and possibly delusional.

4. Which is exactly why you are hopelessly, shamefully, quietly lusting after his every move.

5. The way that he talks exclusively out of the side of his mouth may be weird to some, but to you it feels like he’s always telling you a secret.

6. Not to mention how his unnervingly serious stare face makes you uncomfortable when you’re watching the show with anyone else in the room.

7. His deadpan delivery of perfect one-liners is proof that even in Westeros, guys who can make you laugh are the best.


8. His toughness only serves to fuel your fantasies of reaching the heart of gold you know is in there somewhere.

9. His smile might be described as smug, but you yearn to have it directed your way.

10. You have to love a man who can wear pretty jewelry.


11. And overall, Petyr is the best-dressed man in all of the realms.

HBO / Via

12. There are some legitimate concerns about Lord Baelish’s “devotion” to Catelyn Stark and, later, his questionable feelings toward her teenage daughter, Sansa.

13. And yet… there’s something undeniably satisfying about this fulfillment of every girl’s desire to get dressed up and have someone’s jaw drop.


14. Don’t worry, it’s fiction and this is a judgement-free zone for Littlefinger lovers.


15. Being with him would be exciting because he is completely unpredictable and you have no idea what will happen next. He might even kill your enemies!

16. Or at least tell them something really mean that cuts to their heart and sticks with them forever.

17. You might think some of what he says is harsh, but the truth hurts and at least he gives it to you straight.


“Everybody dies, sooner or later. Don’t worry about your death. Worry about your life. Take charge of your life for as long as it lasts.” —Petyr Baelish

18. And while everyone else in King’s Landing is fumbling around reacting to the Lannisters, Littlefinger has his own plan and is always one step ahead of the game.

19. There’s something so alluring about the way he’s hanging back and keeping track of everyone’s moves.

20. He knows what he wants and he will get it one way or another.

21. And you can’t help but wonder if at the end of the “Game,” he’ll be the last person standing.

22. In other words: He’s got serious game.

23. It’s true that there are a lot of babes in Westeros, but Petyr Baelish is the only bae for you.

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