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33 Perfect Justin Timberlake Moments In Celebration Of His 33rd Birthday

Thank you. For everything.

1. The time he boldly and colorfully introduced himself to the world, and the world had no idea what it was getting into.

2. The moment he and baby Ryan Gosling realized that they would one day hold a real and sometimes dangerous power over the masses.

3. That time he proved that he had his finger on the pulse of everything cool.

Omg he's right. That is what I would say.

4. The time he made jumping down an elevator shaft seem very cute and adorable and a thing that would maybe be fun to do.

5. The time his pout was so perfect, we forgave his highlighter-toned ramen hair.

6. And his confidence was so strong we forgave this sweatband and goatee.

7. And his smirk was so good that we forgave this hat.

8. The time he was like, "Y'all thought I was disappearing like the rest of the boy band boys, SURPRISE!"

9. That time he shattered a glass wall just by standing near it, smoldering.

10. The time he gave us the best seasonal meme in the history of seasonal memes.

11. The time he geeked out with Taylor Swift, making all of her dreams come true.

12. The time he, Jay Z, and his finger guns left everyone for dead at the Grammys.

13. The time he and Andy Samberg gave everyone the gift they didn't know they needed.

14. The time he and Jimmy Fallon proved they were the cutest, dreamiest, funniest besties that ever existed.

15. That time he seemed like he would actually be just a down-to-earth, super fun guy to hang out with?

16. That time he revealed that he'd been saving his best moves for oversized, boxy costumes.

17. That time he pretended he was a train and we were like YES PLEASE WHEN DO WE BOARD.

18. The time he twirled in this puddle and bathed us in his glory.

19. That time he and his beautifully sculpted arms were just really concerned about our emotional wellbeing.

20. That time he made us wish we were back in school.

21. That time he showed us that the only thing better than Justin Timberlake is multiple Justin Timberlakes.

Seriously, let us in on this world of double JTs.

22. That time he casually dried off after a nice swim, and everyone had to frantically look for the closest bucket of ice water with which to douse themselves.

23. The time he made us seriously consider taking up sailing.

24. The time he and his fake arm weren't standing for anyone's bullshit.

25. That time he joined forces with the only person who can match his flawlessness.

Too much perfection in one place.

26. The time he sent everyone into a hypnotic trance with his endless hip thrusts.

27. The time it seemed like he was looking RIGHT AT US!!!!

28. The time he managed to convince every single fan that he was singing specifically for her.

29. Anytime he opened his mouth and graced us with the voice of a thousand angels.

30. The time the world was dumbfounded by his piercing blue eyes.

31. Oh and also, um, his arms. And hair. And I don't know, everything, forever.

32. The time he dropped any conceit of modesty to speak the truth.

33. And the time he revealed the best, most foolproof strategy for being sexy.

Thanks for 33 beautiful years, JT. Here's to a million more.