26 People Who Took Lazy To A New Level

I can almoooost reach — ah, nevermind.

1. The mastermind behind this jack-o-lantern.

2. This innovator.

3. This sunbather.

4. Every single person who bought these glasses.

5. And whatever this is.

6. This bird.

You have wings!!!!

7. This girl.

tbh im sitting on the edge of my bathtub wrapped in my towel scrolling down twitter bc im too lazy to get dressed

— savagina (@pizzapopniall)

8. The dog that couldn’t be bothered to move when his human was making the bed.

9. This girl.

10. The guy who couldn’t make it to the garbage can EVERY time.

11. The girl who got resourceful in the kitchen.

when you're too lazy to wash out a cup

— shey (@sheyannehoran)

12. And this girl, who was just trying to avoid FUTURE work.

You know you're a lazy SOB when you eat off of paper towels so you don't have to clean dishes #typicalEmily

— Em (@EmilyBarnetzke)

13. The kid who figured the box was good enough.

14. This would-be timesaver.

15. This chef.

That moment when you're so lazy you have to bring a chair by the stove so you can make a quesadilla

— Amanda Bookout (@AmandaBookout)

16. This DJ.

That feel when you're too lazy to shift your arse 5" to reach so use a stylus instead.

— Peggy the Puppet (@Swallowfire)

17. These garbage sculptors.

when you're lazy you start getting creative

— Jared (@Whatsoup_)

18. And this guy, who at least was taking the garbage out.

19. Whoever left these.

20. And whoever just couldn’t.

21. This flexible driver.

The struggle is real when you have to get gas but you're too lazy to get out and pump

— The Struggle (@Struggle4Real)

23. All the people who cannot deal with clean sheets.

I have been sleeping on a bare mattress for days now. I should stop being lazy, and spread up the bed

— 'þ (@NastassiaUnvld)

24. And everyone who sleeps with the light on instead of getting up to turn it off.

That moment when you're trying to sleep but the light is still on and you're too lazy to get up

— Matt (@MattCushing2)

25. This guy who just wanted to get some — not too much, let’s not get crazy — exercise.

26. And this person, who might actually just be a genius.

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