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    21 People Who Live By Their Own Rules


    1. This woman.

    2. And these ragers.

    3. This high roller.

    4. This cat.

    5. This angry section of the library.

    6. This runner.

    7. This test-taker.

    8. Whoever was in charge of this sign.

    9. Ditto this sign.

    10. This lady.

    11. This prankster.

    12. This bully.

    13. This exhausted packer.

    I am SO OVER THIS. #movingsucks #lastminutepacking #zerofucks

    Brie Chavez@BrieChavezFollow

    I am SO OVER THIS. #movingsucks #lastminutepacking #zerofucks

    9:51 PM - 22 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    14. The recipient of this passive aggressive fortune.

    15. Whoever packaged this solitary fish.

    16. This proud "flatscreen" owner.

    17. Ashley McDonald

    18. This nihilist.

    19. The employee in charge of the Christmas display.

    20. Anyone wearing this shirt.

    21. And Arthur's dad.