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    17 Oddball Portraits Of Your Favorite Comedians

    In Funny Business, photographer Seth Olenick captures 200 of the comedy world's best— and then lets them write the captions. BuzzFeed gets a look inside.

    1. John Oliver

    Seth Olenick

    "While usually reserved creatures, there is no more spectacular sight in the natural world than a British person flying through the air in a defensive body position."

    2. Jane Lynch

    Seth Olenick

    "Caught me! Yes I'm smoking weed from the world's largest bong."

    3. Key and Peele

    Seth Olenick

    "When we work together, everything comes out alright."

    4. Zach Galifianakis

    Seth Olenick

    "I come from a long line of taggers. My great-great-grandaddy was the first tagger to tag The Parthenon."

    5. Paul Rudd

    Seth Olenick

    "Haselnuss Meditationen:Jeder kann ein Vater sein. Es dauert einen besonderen Menschen, ein Vati zu sein."

    6. Nick Offerman

    Seth Olenick

    "When I attempted several different 'looks' for my audition to take

    over The Tonight Show, I ultimately went with 'Beaver Nathan Lane.' No dice."

    7. Lizzy Caplan

    Seth Olenick

    "I'm Small Wonder. I sleep there. And read books really quickly. And my brother became Marilyn Manson."

    8. Janeane Garofalo

    Seth Olenick

    "A large forehead is a sign of intelligence. My mother told me that in 1978."

    9. Hannibal Buress

    Seth Olenick

    "Ducks mean a lot in American society. How did ducks become the premiere bird to rubberize and have in the tub with you as you bathe? Why wasn’t I afforded the opportunity to bathe with rubber bald eagles, or rubber flamingos. This picture shows how ducks have become very arrogant. I tried to give the duck bread, and it didn’t want to take it. It made me sad, but I got over it. Seth captured that moment."

    10. Garfunkel and Oates

    Seth Olenick

    "It's the best we've ever looked."

    11. Aubrey Plaza

    Seth Olenick

    "Eat them off of the floor or it's over."

    12. Donald Glover

    Seth Olenick

    "I really like pink. I always thought it was a way cool color. But I was hesitant to tell people because the second people realize you like something specific, that's all they get you from then on. I was really into SpongeBob when I was in college, and when my twenty-first birthday came around, many of my friends (meaning more than four) bought me a pack of SpongeBob stickers. Fuck. That."

    13. Aziz Ansari

    Seth Olenick

    "This face illustrates how I'd react if I saw tie-eating monsters and I wanted to fool them into thinking I was one of them."

    14. Danny Pudi

    Seth Olenick

    "Once I realized I fit, bathing in the kitchen sink was a no-brainer. Better lighting,

    plenty of bird watching… an all around great spot to avoid adulthood."

    15. Jack McBrayer

    Seth Olenick

    "Jack was most distraught to learn that the beanstalk was growing out of his own fanny."

    16. Casey Wilson

    Seth Olenick

    "Perhaps the subject of this photo (Ms. Casey Wilson) looks outraged because she has recently moved to LA. Or perhaps it’s because she will end up not being the right fit at SNL. Or maybe she has the foresight to know Happy Endings will be canceled. Or is it just the simple fact that there’s still that pesky Ms. in front of her name at 32? Who can say? Who can say, indeed?"

    17. Jon Hamm

    Seth Olenick

    "Sometimes I just like to feel pretty."

    Funny Business is available now.

    Seth Olenick

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