25 Moments Everyone Who Was Once A Teen Will Remember

    *Waits at the cash register while mom grabs one more thing* *Dies of panic*

    1. Saying the wrong thing:

    2. At the store:

    3. Being stealth:

    4. (Or failing at it)

    When u trying to be quiet in the kitchen at 2 am and u drop a spoon

    5. Making mom angry:

    When you talk back to your mom and she start walking towards you

    6. Defending your habits:

    7. Having to meet randos:

    When your parents make you come down and say hi to relatives you don't even know.

    8. And then finding out they've known you forever:

    9. Your privacy:

    10. At your friend's house:

    When you go to your friends house and he leaves you alone with his family.

    11. Just trying to get some sleep:

    12. Working the system:

    13. Relying on friends:

    14. And being disappointed by them:

    15. At school:

    When your teacher tries to give you homework after the bell rings

    16. Winging it:

    17. Report cards:

    18. Taking tests:

    19. Spotting friends:

    20. Class participation:

    21. Taking notes:

    when your teacher's about to click next slide on the powerpoint but you haven't finished copying the notes

    22. Being broke:

    When u forgot to ask moms for money and all ur friends jus ballin in the book fair

    23. Late homework:

    when your teacher says "ok just turn it in tomorrow"

    24. Group projects:

    when the teacher says you have to get into groups but you have no friends in that class

    25. The ultimate satisfaction:

    When your teacher thinks you're not paying attention and calls on you in class and you get the answer right💁