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26 Moments Every Older College Student Will Recognize

Yes, I can buy you beer. No, I'm not going to.

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2. When you walk into the classroom:

My chem lab instructor has braces and is 10 years younger than me. #nontraditionalstudentproblems #imnotthatold

3. And then when you look around:

Realizing that you had your drivers license when the rest of your classmates started kindergarten #nontraditionalstudentproblems

4. Whenever you interact with other students:

Is @borson89 at uni now?#maturestudent


5. And you find your interests don't exactly jibe.

Sometimes I don't think I'm much older than my fellow students. Then I go in my office and start listening to Queen. Maybe singing too.

6. When you realize your body can't do what it used to:

It isn't even 11PM yet and I'm in bed ready to pass out #nonTraditionalStudentProblems

7. When all-nighters won't cut it any longer:

As a freshman I was able to afford to not sleep and study #Ineedsleepteam #oldcollegestudent

8. When you remember why you're single:

Asked out on a date by a classmate that can't legally buy me a beer-He thought I graduated HS in 2008 #MmmNo #NontraditionalStudentProblems


9. When they don't realize your parents aren't home:

10. When you don't get first pick at registration:

Wishing that more STEM courses for degrees were offered at night. #nontraditionalstudentproblems

11. When neither of your worlds can be put on pause:

College is easy. Real life is hard. Trying to do both at the same time is fucking impossible. #nontraditionalstudentlife

12. And extracurriculars are a distant dream:

How the freak am I supposed to do an internship when the only available hrs are during the times I work? #NonTraditionalStudentProblems


13. When you're given unsolicited advice from someone ten years your junior:

14. When housework is your last priority:

Word2wise! Don't be #selfemployed #maturestudent #adultlearner+3 kids+menagerie if this does your head in #toptip

15. When you're a parent, and this is the only clean cup:

16. And when this is your study buddy:

Just working in my midterm. #MommysLittleHelper #NonTraditionalStudentProblems #UWW #fb


17. When you realize how true this is:

#MomInCollege #nontraditionalstudent

18. When your presence baffles everyone:

A freshmen just asked me if I was a grad student, an instructor or in ROTC. #nontraditionalstudentproblems #truEMU

19. When you realize you're the only one who can buy your OWN booze:

20. When it's time to brush up:

"I haven't taken algebra in ten years... However, I did YouTube how to factor!" #nontraditionalstudentproblems


21. When you realize you're turning into a grump:

22. And you feel like you're struggling just to keep up:

Q for my fellow "mature students" & older professionals: how do you avoid burnout when learning new tech? How to avoid "checking out"?

23. When you'd rather drink with these guys:

#CollegeInYour30s problems: You feel more relatable and socialable to your professors than you do your fellow classmates.

24. When you find another nontrad:

25. When you realize how grateful you are:

Going to college in my 30s has made me so happy I'm no longer in my 20s.

26. When it's finally time, and it's so much sweeter for having waited: