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63 Juicy "Mad Men" Spoilers

Read at your own risk!!!

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1. Don looks forlorn.

2. Pete says something mean.

3. Someone uses a metaphor.

4. Don hits on a lady whose job requires she interact with him.

5. There's tension in a meeting.

6. Megan sighs.

7. Sally rolls her eyes.

8. Roger snorts.

9. Subtle symbolism is woven throughout the entire episode.

10. A man comments on Joan's beauty.

11. A woman comments on Joan's beauty.

12. Don reads a paperback book which is actually saying something about his internal struggle.


13. Peggy is frazzled.

14. Peggy works late and resents it.

15. Someone stares off into the distance because life isn't what they expected it to be.

16. No one knows how to talk to a Jewish side character.

17. The grim specter of capitalism casts a shadow over everyone.

18. Don makes fun of some hippies.

19. A secretary offers to get a sandwich downstairs.

20. The President's voice is heard on the television.

21. The men are extremely mad.

22. An adult forms an inappropriate relationship with a child.


23. Betty references college.

24. Bert tokenizes Eastern culture.

25. A main character moves to California; it isn't the utopia he was promised.

26. Pete hates himself.

27. Trudy fake-laughs.

28. Harry says something dumb.

29. Everyone hates Harry.

30. Every man has questionable facial hair.

31. No one understands change.

32. Peggy thinks she and Joan are friends, quickly realizes she's wrong.

33. Don naps in his office for literally eight hours.

34. Someone from the past re-emerges.

35. A different person from the past re-emerges.

36. Someone who looks like someone from the past emerges.

37. Don has a very vivid and prescient dream.

38. Bob Benson wears short shorts.


39. A man in a suit pours a nice glass of alcohol.

40. Don tells someone to shut the door.

41. Don reminds everyone about his shitty childhood.

42. Don talks about whores.

43. Subtle class commentary followed by obvious class commentary.

44. A client frowns.

45. The institution of marriage is questioned.

46. Someone hails a cab.

47. Someone bones in a cab.

48. Several people get in an elevator.

49. Hats!


50. Don answers the phone, is concerned.

51. Don rides a train.

52. Someone points out how different the city is from the suburbs.

53. Someone points out how different New York City is from the rest of the world.

54. The world of media changes slowly, right before your eyes.

55. Don tells his secretary to cancel a meeting.

56. Roger says three jokey things followed by a serious thing.

57. Peggy subtly sabotages her own happiness.

58. The company lands a big account.

59. The company loses a big account.

60. People who think they aren't racist say something racist.


61. Megan drinks wine in a bikini.

62. Megan makes a really melancholy face, then smiles, then looks melancholy again.

63. Don is sad.


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