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How Well Do You Know The Works Of Bills Pullman And Paxton?

The golden boys of the '90s.

  1. 1. Who gave a rousing speech as the President of the United States in Independence Day?

  2. 2. Who drove Ellen DeGeneres crazy in Mr. Wrong?

  3. 3. Who went tornado chasing with Helen Hunt in Twister?

  4. 4. Who wasn't exciting enough for Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle?

  5. 5. Who met his demise at the hands of the Cowboys in Tombstone?

  6. 6. Who was fighting in the war while his wife was kicking ass on the field in A League of Their Own?

  7. 7. Who investigated a mysterious and gruesome death by crocodile in Lake Placid?

  8. 8. Who was just completely obsessed with the Titanic in Titanic?

  9. 9. Who almost ran out of air in space with Tom Hanks in Apollo 13?

  10. 10. Who was a deceptive car salesman in True Lies?

  11. 11. Who was the dad who just wanted to belieeeeve in Casper?

  12. 12. Who helped Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale get out of a Thai prison in Brokedown Palace?

  13. 13. Who was the animal lover who helped save the gorilla Joe in Mighty Joe Young?

  14. 14. Who was turned into a talking pile of poo in Weird Science?

  15. 15. Who fell in love with his brother's fiancée in While You Were Sleeping?

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