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How Does Your Local Library Make Your Life Better?

Long live the public library.

For booklovers, there are few places as magical as the library.

Nothing like knowing you can go in and spend as much time as you want wandering and reading — without needing to spend any money.

@OfficiallyAlly Libraries are a magical place. If it weren't for my local library growing up, I wouldn't be the reader or writer I am today. My family was too poor to afford books, so the library was all we had.

Nothing like the smell of the stacks, or the crinkling of the dust jackets as you pile one book on top of another.

#JudgementFreeTweetingZone I love to smell catalogues and old library books.

Nothing like your childhood summer reading program — and, for that matter, nothing like the librarians who made it so much fun.

The A.C. Hunter​ Children's Library has some great displays up for the TD Summer Reading Club. You can come in and add a leaf to their What's Your Passion Tree and watch it grow all summer long! @TDSRC_CLETD https://t.co/IDOG4P3LNr

But libraries are so much more than books.

When @Forbes suggests @amazon should replace libraries. We'll just be over here laughing with a bunch of things you'd never find on Amazon: free books, WiFi, digital downloads, no-cost events, genealogy resources, a library of things & respect for valuable public institutions. https://t.co/VAIaspKWG2

Maybe your library is the reason you were able to find a job.

@RheaButcher @docrocktex26 Youngstown OH here. Our library system was not only my link to the internet while searching for jobs (unemployment makes wifi a luxury) but it was an oasis of support and serenity. An invaluable resource in an economically disadvantaged area.

Maybe it's where you learned your new favorite hobby.

Or maybe it's where you made some long-lasting friendships.

Met my best friend almost 16 years ago through Battle of the Books at our public library- so, lots of books brought us together #booklove https://t.co/k12tzEgk6z

We want to know: How has your library made your life better?

Let us know in the comments below, and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Books post!