24 Houses That Can’t Hide Their Emotions

Terrible poker faces.

1. The brick house that has a secret and wants you to ask about it.

Flickr: larsomat / Creative Commons

2. The blushing beauty that never knows how to respond to a compliment.

3. The house that just saw its fantasy couple get together on its favorite show.

4. The shack that is so excited to see you; it was just thinking of you!!!

5. The home that is really hoping no one heard it fart.

Flickr: lynnfriedman / Creative Commons

6. The beachside castle that’s seen more in its lifetime than you’ll ever see.

7. The house that just wants to spread the love.

8. The cottage that is trying to remember why it came into the kitchen.

Flickr: smorchon / Creative Commons

9. The garden house that just found out its favorite band is coming to town and tickets are reasonably priced.

Flickr: saturnino / Creative Commons

10. The house that overheard a really juicy fight but cannot play it cool.

Flickr: xadoom / Creative Commons

11. The house that is deeply engaged in a conversation about this article they read online.

Flickr: ian_crowther / Creative Commons

12. The house that knows it should be confident in its own beauty, but can’t help but feel like the patio next door is honestly a little better??

Flickr: shenghunglin / Creative Commons

13. The bungalow that needs to stop for a second and take a breather.

Flickr: tipz / Creative Commons

14. The tower that’s just popping over to see, uh… what’s everyone up to?

Flickr: seier / Creative Commons

15. The shed that doesn’t care if no one agrees, it’s the principle of the matter.

Flickr: kro_royal / Creative Commons

16. The house that is so psyched to celebrate its favorite holiday.

Flickr: mollivan_jon / Creative Commons

17. The brick wall that, honestly, is being a little melodramatic.

Flickr: badjonni / Creative Commons

18. The tower that is eagerly waiting for you to open your gift.

Flickr: bezembinder / Creative Commons

19. The roof that is probably a little too pleased with the pun it just made.

Flickr: fotnmc / Creative Commons

20. The garage that is on hour 32 of a studying-for-finals caffeine bender.

Flickr: paulmorriss / Creative Commons

21. The building that just saw the biggest spider.

Flickr: squirmelia / Creative Commons

22. The house that’s trying to work up the nerve to say hello to its crush.

23. The farmhouse that just realized it left its phone in the cab.

24. The house that can’t believe all of his friends planned a surprise birthday party, just for him.

Flickr: spirosk / Creative Commons

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