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    Here's What Happens When Your Friends Start Having Babies

    So cute but so complicated.

    So you've reached that point in life when your friends are having babies.

    It's no longer just the randos or long-lost childhood acquaintances who show up on your FB feed.

    These are people who, until recently, were closing out your local bar with you on a Tuesday night.

    So suddenly your mom's jokes about how she thought she'd be a grandma by now are seeming less joke-y.

    And you realize you're just thinking about babies more in general.

    And for a second you're like, ugggggghhhhh COME TO ME, CHILD.

    How you sort of live for your job.

    What your refrigerator tends to look like.

    Your cooking skills.

    Impromptu drinking.

    Your sacred, sacred sleep.

    So you come back to earth and realize that, for now, you're happy to get your fix through subway peek-a-boo, internet videos, and the occasional baby brunch.

    Aaaaand you're right back to daydreaming about getting a dog.