18 Fashion Bloggers You Need On Your Radar

    Time to update your wardrobe.

    1. Franceta Johnson

    2. Danielle Vanier

    This Londonite fills her blog with vibrant color combinations, graphic prints, and playful accessories, along with some expert makeup tips to complement it all.

    3. Curvy Girl Chic

    Self-proclaimed shopaholic and shoe fanatic Allison's look is polished and ultra-femme ("Pants are highly overrated," she insists) and she's got a collection of heels that are truly covet-worthy.

    4. Garner Style

    5. Beauticurve

    Rochelle's outfits are sexy and sophisticated, without being too pricey — she's known to mine Etsy for some unique steals — and she's bound to inspire you to buy either a jumpsuit or some bodycon.

    6. Nicolette Mason

    Brooklyn-based Nicolette is a contributing fashion editor at Marie Claire, and her blog is filled with the expertise and intuition that has gotten her consultant gigs on projects with Chanel, Dior, ASOS, and more. She's great at grunge-ing up more classic looks, with impeccable attention to detail. (Pay attention to her nails!)

    7. Nadia Aboulhosn

    Nadia is a go-to for anyone looking to get a little more daring in their style. She's great at embracing high fashion trends (like this clear vinyl jacket), never shies away from showing some skin, and matches every outfit with an inspirational passage.

    8. With Wonder and Whimsy

    Nashville-based Liz runs a blog that is true to its name: filled with playful, whimsical, and delicate style. It's great for lovers of lace, pearls, soft hues, and lush fabrics.

    9. Jay Miranda

    Jay Miranda's blog is equal parts fashion and lifestyle, peppered with guides for new trends, tips for shopping for kids' clothes, and insights into being confident in your own skin. Her style is both graceful and powerful, with plenty of peplum, satin blouses, high-waisted pencil skirts, and loose blazers.

    10. Gabi Fresh

    Gabi Gregg is all about breaking rules, and her blog is for those fashion-lovers who are "sick of being told to wear A-line skirts, wrap dresses, boot cut jeans, and slimming prints." Not surprisingly, her own style is made up of unexpected but perfectly executed combinations.

    11. A Thick Girl's Closet

    12. From the Corners of the Curve

    Callie makes fashion fun and comfortable, whether she's in up-styled loungewear and boyfriend-style denim jacket, or something more flirty (like a leather midi skirt and sweater) for a night out in London.

    13. Girl With Curves

    Blogger and fashion designer Tanesha Awasthi is reminiscent of a classic movie star, with a style at once minimal and glam. Her blog gives insight into the inspiration behind her look, peeking at everything from her beauty regimen to her home decor to her favorite gadgets.

    14. And I Get Dressed

    15. Fat Shopaholic

    16. A Curious Fancy

    Ragini Nag Rao, who is deeply engaged in the conversation on body image, has a style that is warm, cozy, and sometimes even professorial: think chunky sweaters, opaque tights, deep tones, and quaint prints.

    17. Grown and Curvy Woman

    Georgette's blog is dedicated to the idea that "style has no age or size." She's a great resource for those who aren't necessarily looking to buy entire new wardrobes every season, offering tips for livening up older items (like a simple blue turtleneck) with accent pieces (like shiny silver flats) for surprising combinations.

    18. The Wardrobe Challenge

    Hanna's blog began as a challenge to wear everything she owns — no repetitions until everything was used at least once — after realizing that she'd gotten predictable in her cycling of the same few garments. In the process, she's developed a sort of working-girl-chic: lots of black and white, sharp blazers, and airy skirts.